My story


Several years ago, I started experiencing great difficulties in my life, and they were the result of unhappy events and special circumstances that were my lot in life. This effected my relation to reality, habits and character. I suffered from the so-called panic attacks (sudden attacks of panic and fear) and depression. And I could not help myself. I was taken over by laziness, boredom, and inactivity. All this lead to the development of bad habits and addiction to alcohol. Against this background there was a degradation of my personality, which I did not even know then. in the space of four years, I became unrecognisable. From a cheerful and beautiful woman I turned into a depressive creature 35 kg heavier. Just see difference ….

tania-2010  tania-2015

I couldn’t pull myself together, get moving, start to do something. I had to make grave independent decisions. In terms of self-discipline — I did nothing that was suitable! I had insurmountable difficulty in controlling my emotions: I was nervous and excited.
I was so lonely ….

It seemed that there was no way to change: such was my character and spiritual realization …
But new bouts of panic attacks, mood swings were forcing me to do something. I didn’t know what I was missing. I wanted to change everything ….
But I was skeptical that it would possible.

At this moment I met my Lord … I don’t even remember exactly what we talked about, just that at that moment he gave me a feeling of happiness and devine power over me ….
This feeling allowed me to calm down, relax, and brought me to a position where I could analyze my internal processes. It was possible to take a sober look at itself. My weakness, bad character traits, habits no longer seemed to be something for which I had affinity, that were an integral part of me. They became more and more strange, taking on signs of foreign property, that I had to get rid of, and I began to understand how to do it. I wanted to be the best for him and for myself, I believed in myself, because he believed in me …
In addition, as the continuation of life together, I began to notice in myself plenty of other flaws that I had previously not considered as such. But they continued to quietly poison my life.
Since then, I started on the path of developing my personality.

I love my master, we are together 7 months, I lost 25 kg and it is not easy, I work hard on it ..
A photo of me now:


In absolute terms, I certainly have not yet reached great heights. But comparing my position a few years ago to who I am today, I have made a huge leap in terms of improvement.
I didn’t go to a psychologist, didn’t consult books, I just found a Master, what I needed in my life.
As a result, my character has become harder, my willpower strengthened, I have gained stronger control over my emotions, my thinking has become more sober, clear and organized. I feel the improvement of my mental and physical performance.
I no longer feel boredom and a melancholic soul. The panic attacks have stopped, and even if they come back, I know that I’m ready to fight back.
All this is reflected in my life: to improve relations with the people, I began to seek a more suitable job, and the financial situation was an area of observable success and rapid growth. As I became confident, I feel much more capable of achieving on my own, despite the difficulties and all because of a feeling of fullness, and which my Master give me. It seems like I missed that feeling for a lifetime …
Otherwise, you wouldn’t see this site that I made, optimized and filled completely by myself. I really want to meet people and share this information with people.
I was motivated to make this blog for my friends, for acquaintances. I often observe how smart people with great potential make the same mistakes, staying in the hold of the same errors (they are in captivity for a long time as I was), not realizing what they are missing. By creating this site I’m going to dispel the myths, the belief that prevents people from using their secret desires to the maximum and destroys their potential.
I will try to do everything possible to make this information help you become better and contribute to your personal growth.

For people who vow submission to the one they love